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Instilling a love of learning.

About the Foundation

View this "Spotlight Education" segment which featured an interview with former SEF board members Tony Sheffy and Dawn Miceli. The local cable access show was hosted by then School Superintendent Dr. Joseph V. Erardi Jr. Production of the show took place at Southington High School and was filmed and produced by local high school students.

If you’re looking to support educational excellence within the Southington school system, you have landed at the right site, the Southington Education Foundation, Inc.

We are a non-profit organization committed to enriching the minds and lives of Southington’s most impressionable community members – its school students. Our mission is simple. We hope to instill a life-long love of learning in our children through innovative and creative initiatives that expand upon existing educational opportunities.

To that end, the SEF operates independently of the Southington Board of Education and local tax dollars to secure funding for worthwhile, relevant projects that otherwise would not be available to our school children. At the heart of this initiative is sustainability. We’re looking to cultivate long-lasting relationships with members of the Southington community and beyond who value ideas, creativity, and achievement.

As for those of us who are involved with the SEF, we are your neighbors, parents, teachers, community and business leaders, and local volunteers who realize the importance of effective educational programming beyond our public school classrooms. We have committed to the SEF via our own monetary gifts and are unified by a common denominator: a dedication to academic excellence.

The Southington community has always valued and supported a high-quality, high-achieving public education system. The SEF works in collaboration with that mindset to further ensure that our children acquire a lifelong passion for knowledge and growth long after they’ve left our Southington classrooms.

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Our Mission:

The Southington Education Foundation, Inc. is committed to instilling a life-long love of learning in all children through innovative, creative learning experiences that expand upon existing educational opportunities. The Foundation will partner with the community to secure resources, inspire excellence, and enrich student achievement.

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