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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Education Foundation?
An Education Foundation is an organization comprised of concerned citizens who recognize that as education has become more important and more complex, there is a need to develop a means to raise funds for innovative and effective programs that improve student achievement and foster lifelong learning.
How long have Education Foundations been around?
Since 1978 thousands of communities in the United States have established foundations with similar missions as the SEF (there are close to 100 foundations in Connecticut).
Why an Education Foundation in Southington? Don't we have good schools?
The Southington public schools are excellent. However, there is always a need to expand educational opportunity and meet the needs of our children beyond the core program that is provided by the public schools.
What will the Foundation do?
The Southington Education Foundation, SEF, is committed to funding programs or projects that go beyond the central mission of the public schools. We recognize that it is the obligation of the Board of Education and the town to provide a quality educational opportunity for all students. We will not fund or supplant any program that is rightfully the town's responsibility. We will challenge teachers, principals and the community to think of new and innovate initiatives that will enhance the program and curriculum of the Southington Public Schools.
How does the Southington Education Foundation operate?
The SEF is comprised of a Board of Directors. Directors work on committees, organize events and are indispensable to the success of the SEF. There is an Executive Board elected by the Board of Directors each year. The Executive Board oversees the ordinary operations of the SEF. All members of the SEF are unpaid volunteers.
What is the relationship between the SEF and the Southington Board of Education?
The SEF is a non-political entity independent of the BOE. The SEF will support programs that enhance the opportunities for our children, but will not fund any program that is a part of the expected services and programs provided by the BOE and the town.
The Foundation is not an alternative source of funding for the school system.
Will the Foundation affect the school budget or my taxes?
No. Because we will not supplant those programs that are the responsibility of the Board of Education and the town, your taxes will not be affected. All monies raised and spent by the SEF will be donations from the public at large.
How can the Town of Southington and the community at large benefit from the SEF? I have no children. The schools do not affect me.
We all have a stake in ensuring the best education for our children. The quality of a school system is an integral part of any community's success. The school system affects property values, the attractiveness of the town for new business and industry and the general quality of life. Perhaps Dr. Dave Monti, former Southington BOE member and a member of the SEF, said it best: "The only real legacy a town can give its children is their education." We all benefit from improved schools.
How can teachers or schools receive a grant for a program they want to initiate?
Teachers, principals or any certified staff of the school district may submit a grant. Grant proposals are submitted to the Grant Committee of the SEF using the SEF Grant Application form after being approved by the principal of the school requesting the grant. The Grant Committee reviews the grant proposal to ensure that it furthers the mission of the SEF. Then the proposal is reviewed in the context of all other proposals. Finally, if approved, the teacher or school will receive the funds.
How would that program funded by the SEF be evaluated?
Within two weeks of the completion of the program, the teacher or school would submit a Grant Evaluation form. This form, while relatively simple, would provide data to validate the success of the program. If a program did not work the way it was intended, that would also be included. Sometimes we learn more from the way things donít work than from when they do.
Does the SEF offer scholarships to students?
The Southington Education Foundation is proud to offer two scholarships to graduating Southington students. These scholarships will be available to students starting in 2015. Click here to learn more about the scholarships being offered.
How does one contribute to the SEF, either with time or money?
The SEF website has both a donation link and instructions for getting involved with the organization. You can also contact any SEF board member for information. The SEF is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization and all donations are tax-deductible.

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