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The Southington Education Foundation is proud to be a founding sponsor of LEAF - Lewis Educational Agricultural Farm.

LEAF promotes education through agriculture on the historic Lewis Family Farm by using farming practices that are socially and ecologically sustainable.

Through education the program works to establish the relationship between students, community, the food supply and the land from which it grows.

In October, 2014 SEF provided $2,500 in seed money to help get the LEAF project off the ground.

The LEAF program aligns nicely with the SEF's goal to increase STEM learning opportunities.

Mark Ramsey, Jan Galati, Beth Hosmer and Kim DeFusco during SEF's grant presentation to the LEAF program, Oct. 2014.


Science is everywhere when it comes to the production of agricultural products. The life cycle of plants, organic fertilization, biological controls of pests, water quality and conservation, composting and working with different ecosystems, are just a few examples.


The science of producing agricultural crops is always changing, as is the technology used to grow these products. The  LEAF program constantly keeps up with the new trends in agricultural technology continues to change. For instance, use of computers for automated watering systems, fertilizer injector systems, and grafting of specific vegetable scions to root stocks. Technology is also used for marketing (including web design) and distribution.


Engineering is also an important part of the day-to-day operations of LEAF. Many different types of engineering are employed to solve problems on the farm, among them civil, mechanical, hydro and electrical just to name a few.


Math is an everyday part of all that happens during the day-to-day operations of LEAF. Some examples include planning the growing season (see counts, plants per acre, yields per acre), calculating fertilizer ratios, pest and control formulas, measuring and plant spacing of vegetable crops, and accounting practices to run the LEAF program.

Bringing classroom subjects to life

The LEAF program is inclusive... everyone is accepted and included without judgment. The farm provides a unique opportunity for local students to connect with the abundant knowledge needed for the sustainable production, nutrition and preparation of food.

The program allows students and the public the opportunity to participate in and observe activities that are part of a working productive farm. The goal is to bring classroom subjects to life, connecting learning with the ecological and social community of which we are all apart.

The farm is a place of inclusion where past and future experiences will connect us to each other and to the land that sustains us.

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